Vintage Shag Rugs

A vintage shag rug ranks high among home decor items as a universally recognized symbol of cutting-edge 1960’s and 1970’s interior design . Here are some of our Ege Rya shag rugs.vintage shag rug As prolific as the shag rug trend was, they are not so easy to come by these days. Vintage shag rugs can still be found on the internet (sometimes in surprisingly excellent condition). This particular vintage shag rug is an Ege Rya rug, measuring 6 feet x 8.5 feet. It has a classic retro color scheme of orange, yellow, red and brown. The dyed wool strands are laid out in an abstract pattern that is hard to define and easy on the eyes. vintage shag rugThere are no big polka dots or flowers, just tasteful lines, stripes, and scalloped borders laid out in a non-linear fashion. The rug was definitely used, and there are some threadbare spots and areas missing their shag strings. Fortunately, the colors are still bold and bright, and the worn spots really don’t detract from the striking visual impact this vintage shag rug will bring to any room.

This is another Ege Rya rug.

vintage shag rugMade by Ege Carpets of Denmark, these vintage shag rugs were made between 1962 and 1970. They are among the most well-crafted and stunningly-designed rugs of the 1960’s-1970’s. This one still had it’s original manufacturer tag on the rear, and lists the psychedelic swirling design as Flora. The Flora pattern was listed in the 1968 Ege Rya catalog.  It has four shades of green swirled in an elliptical shape, with the lightest coloring in the center. vintage shag rugThis is a longer rug, measuring 10 feet x 6 feet. It is also in much better condition than the first one we found above (we weren’t even positive it was a Rya until we found this one and were able to compare the fabrication and materials).

vintage shag rug


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