Vintage NuTone Cathedral Door Chime

Vintage NuTone Doorbells

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The nostalgic chime of a vintage NuTone doorbell takes us back to our childhood every time we hear it ding dong. Cincinnati, Ohio’s Nutone has been manufacturing doorbells and door chimes since 1936. We have been removing old NuTone door chimes from the walls of teardown homes for years. Here are just a few of the NuTone doorbells from the 1950s and 1960s we have collected…

Vintage NuTone Doorbell Model F-15

Mid-Century NuTone Doorbell We are going to start right off with one of the coolest and most unusual ones we ever came across. Manufactured in February of 1955, this vintage NuTone doorbell is a hard-to-find model F-15. It’s an in-wall recessed door chime with stunningly quintessential Mid-Century Modern style and classic “ding-dong” chime. Atypical of many NuTone styles with hanging chime tubes, the F-15 is designed to be flush-mounted in the wall, leaving only a striking white and brushed aluminum cover with a subtle retro decoration in the center. The instructions state the decoration is removable, but why in the world would you want to do that?! It is also surface-mountable, too, showing a clean white metal box protruding from the wall with the 8 inch x 8 inch “speaker grill” aluminum cover mounted on the front. We found this one at a church flea market event. The door chime was 100% complete, including the instructions, mounting hardware, and the original box and packaging. Scroll down for more Nutone doorbells…

Vintage NuTone Doorbell packagingVintage NuTone Doorbell boxVintage NuTone Doorbell Cathedral Model

Vintage NuTone Cathedral Door ChimeThis vintage NuTone doorbell is a 4/8 chime Cathedral-style model manufactured in 1969. The molded plastic housing and over-sized metal tubular chimes add a generous touch of authentic Mid-Century style to any hallway. This is a deluxe unit with hookups for front, rear, and side doorbell buttons, along with something marked Ext. Front. This NuTone doorbell can be switched from 4 to 8 chime note sequence. The 4-note setting plays “C-G-E-C” in that order, nearly identical to the famous NBC chimes, but with an extra C-note at the beginning. We never heard the 8-chime setting. It was taken it down and replaced with another doorbell by the time we finally saw the little red switch inside clearly marked “4-8”. Here’s a picture with the cover off…


Cleaning and maintenance of vintage NuTone Doorbell Chimes and Plungers

There is an instruction label printed inside the above model regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the plungers. If the plungers get sticky, DO NOT OIL THEM. This slows the speed of the plungers and will just get gummed up with debris. The label recommends using a few drops of lighter fluid in the plungers and operating the unit a few times to clean out the plungers and shafts. You may also find that the inner chime bars may need to be cleaned. The ones we typically find sound a bit dull and lifeless when first tested, but cleaning the bars and plungers will almost always fix the problem right away.  Scroll down for more vintage NuTone doorbells…

1950s Vintage NuTone Doorbell

Vintage NuTone Doorbell

This is the current doorbell we have installed right now, pictured at the top of this page. It’s a late 1950s ding-dong chime model with a metal housing covered in a litho wood-grain finish. An attractive gold decoration in the center gives it a retro Hollywood Regency vibe. This is probably the one we are sticking with for now. Vintage NuTone doorbells are swell!

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