vintage metallic wallpaper

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper

[phpbaysidebar title=”Vintage Metallic Wallpaper for Sale” keywords=”vintage metallic wallpaper -rod -raisin” num=”10″ siteid=”1″ category=”159907″ sort=”BestMatch” minprice=”50″ id=”2″]Vintage metallic wallpaper adds a stunning design statement to any room or accent wall. Light and shadows dance across the reflective surfaces, creating a truly opulent visual experience. Many styles were made with a real foil coated paper that has a genuine mirror-like quality, while others use screen print inks that have shimmery metallic properties. Check out these rare vintage metallic wallpaper patterns from the early 1970’s.


The above pattern is titled Baroque, and has a metallic red and silver foil finish. A light three-dimensional textured wrinkle covers the paper.

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Baroque Yellow

Here is the Baroque pattern again in yellow. It was also available in a striking black and silver finish. Scroll Down for More Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Patterns and Decorated Rooms.

 Vintage Metallic Wallpaper for Sale

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Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Charmaine

The vintage metallic wallpaper pattern shown above is titled Charmaine. It has a classic retro vibe with bold illustrative flowers screen printed in lime and avocado green shades on a metallic silver background. Again, this paper has a fine textured finish.

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Charmaine Orange

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Charmaine purple

┬áThese are the two color variations of the Charmaine pattern…a classic orange, yellow and brown retro color scheme, and a fabulous purple, blue and black combination.


Vintage Metallic Wallpaper

Nordique is the aptly-titled monicker of this unusual and classy pattern I would coin “Surreal Traditionalism”. Swooping curls, dashes and lines crash together like the past and future converging. An intricate layer of tiny black lines add a hypnotic air.

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Nordique Blue

Here is the Nordique pattern in shades of blue. You can see the neat stitch-like black lines traveling over the entire wallpaper pattern. Definitely one of our favorite vintage metallic wallpaper designs.

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Nordique bathroomHere is a bathroom decorated in a third color scheme of the Nordique wallpaper, featuring brown mustard and gray colors.

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper Royal Trellis

Here is an example of a vintage metallic wallpaper with a non-foil finish, titled Royal Trellis. The paint itself has metallic properties, and though not a high-shine mirror finish, it still amplifies nearby light sources and appears to change color and brightness across walls.

metallicwallpaper-royaltrellis2The above image is an example of a room decorated in the Royal Trellis vintage metallic wallpaper.

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