Russell Woodard Sculptura Chair

Russell Woodard Sculptura Chair

The Russell Woodard Sculptura chair is a quintessential example of iconic mid-century modern design. This is our Russell Woodard Sculptura patio chair with wrought iron basket weave construction and signature button feet. It’s a single chair from a long-lost patio set, but it’s still in excellent structural shape and looks great on the patio or in the corner of the living room. It also makes an excellent desk chair. As a matter of fact, most Sculptura patio chairs are typically found indoors these days. And why not, they are genuine works of art that add an ultra-modern touch to any room. read more

mid-century modern track lighting

Mid-Century Modern Track Lighting

Mid-Century Modern track lighting systems are excellent for bringing versatile and contemporary illumination to a large, dark room while staying authentic to an older home or vintage decor aesthetic. Mid-century modern track lighting was typically designed in a sleek, ultra-modern style reflecting the cutting-edge concept of ceiling lamps that could be adjusted, moved and removed without constant rewiring. Check out some of these mid-century modern track lighting systems we have collected over the years. read more

vintage flocked wallpaper

Vintage Flocked Wallpaper

Vintage flocked wallpaper is one of the most opulent and hedonistic of wallcovering, giving any room or accent wall a castle-like feel. It can create a distinctive Hollywood Regency vibe, an old Victorian boudoir feel, and can sometimes look like something straight out of Dark Shadows. Vintage flocked wallpaper patterns are typically equal parts classic traditional and totally mod. The concept of delicate flocking on your walls may seem a little odd, but the majority of vintage flocked wallpaper is designed to be very resilient and is hand-washable! Check out these rare vintage flocked wallpaper patterns! read more


Mid-Century Andirons

Mid-Century andirons are a fabulous functional addition to your fireplace. Like jewelry for your hearth, these vintage fireplace grates let you show some retro personality in a space typically dedicated to objects of function over form. Mid-Century andirons offer both form and function to a sometimes drab fireplace. They were made in a wide variety of styles, from Minimalism to Brutalism, to rustic Spanish Mission Revival, to opulent Hollywood Regency…looks for every mood. read more

vintage water sprinklers

Vintage Lawn Sprinkler

Vintage lawn sprinklers offer a fun way to water your lawn in mid-century style. Not only do they look neat, but they provide warm nostalgic memories when in motion. Check out this vintage water sprinkler…This Everain brand vintage lawn sprinkler is a classic oscillating fan spraying model. Watching those tiny streams of water rock back and forth truly relaxes the mind. The “Spray Area Control Dial” is used to program the sprinkler to water to the left, right, center or full lawn, all while gently oscillating back and forth to provide maximum effective coverage. The water-powered mechanical “Ever-Tite Sealed Motor” creates the oscillating motion. This standard-size unit waters a lawn or area measuring 34 feet x 65 feet, or 2,200 square feet. It is not only an effective watering tool, but its also simple classic backyard summer fun. Decade after decade, kids cannot resist jumping through and dodging the gentle oscillating spray. This vintage water sprinkler has a mod orange plastic housing with white accents and classic polished aluminum tubing. It has a neat retro nameplate and waffle decoration on the rear side. It was never used and has never been removed from its original box! read more

Vintage Lightolier Fixtures

Vintage Lightolier Fixtures

Vintage Lightolier fixtures are fabulous statement pieces that never fail to deliver on quintessential mid-century style. The company has been around since 1904, and has made a conscious effort to create aesthetically pleasing light fixtures for the home since the 1920’s. Lightolier still exists today, creating high-quality residential and commercial lighting that is thoughtfully-designed and visually appealing. Here are a few examples of the many stunning mid-century modern Lightolier ceiling fixtures from our past and current collection. read more

vintage metallic wallpaper

Vintage Metallic Wallpaper

[phpbaysidebar title=”Vintage Metallic Wallpaper for Sale” keywords=”vintage metallic wallpaper -rod -raisin” num=”10″ siteid=”1″ category=”159907″ sort=”BestMatch” minprice=”50″ id=”2″]Vintage metallic wallpaper adds a stunning design statement to any room or accent wall. Light and shadows dance across the reflective surfaces, creating a truly opulent visual experience. Many styles were made with a real foil coated paper that has a genuine mirror-like quality, while others use screen print inks that have shimmery metallic properties. Check out these rare vintage metallic wallpaper patterns from the early 1970’s. read more

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