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harris strong tile wall clock

Harris Strong Tile Wall Clocks

Owning a Harris Strong tile wall clock is like owning a genuine piece of utilitarian art. Manufactured by the Harris G. Strong Company from the late-1950’s into the 1970’s, these amazing mid-century modern wall clocks are typically made of walnut veneer wood and decorated with the iconic Harris Strong tiles. Harris Strong tiles have bold and unusual colors and glazes, often with raised embossed images. The illustrated tiles always have a fun, abstract vibe, no matter what varied subject matter is depicted. Harris Strong and his team of artisans, which included artist Bill Chaiken, manufactured these tiles in his Brooklyn, New York facility…a former sausage factory! Harris Strong made a variety of elaborate tile art wall hangings, but these clocks are truly impressive timepieces that serve both an aesthetic and practical function. These are Harris Strong wall clocks from our collection… read more