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Curtis Jere Brass Wall Sculpture

Curtis Jere Metal Art

Curtis Jere metal art is one of the quintessential designer brands of mid-century modern home decorating. Curtis Jere works vary wildly in style and subject matter, from quaint country craft sculptures to large modernist kinetic art pieces. As these pieces become more and more desirable, many collectors are still unaware that "Curtis Jere" is actually a fictitious character! Artisan House, a home décor company created by jewelry designers Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels (get it?) did not make it easy for the comsumer to figure it out. The following is the text from the label of an actual Jere piece..."This is an original Curtis Jere design. Mr. Jere, who is a California multimedia sculptor, works in bronze, copper, brass and steel. This hand-crafted sculpture has a patina and finish designed to become lovelier with age". We have been collecting C. Jere pieces long before they were considered collectible, and here are a few examples of Curtis Jere metal art and Jere inspired pieces.

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