mid-century modern desk set

Mid-Century Modern Desk Set

mid-century modern desk setA complete gold anodized aluminum mid-century modern desk set. This stylish and incredibly well-built vintage office desk set was actually manufactured in the mid-1980’s by Matel Manufacturing, Inc. who are still around today manufacturing commercial-grade office products (and in no way related to the Mattel with two L’s). The set includes a desk blotter pad, a double-tier letter tray, a pen tray set, and name plate bar. The tray, pen set, and name plate are all made of brushed aluminum alloy and finished in an anodized satin gold tone. The blotter has a leatheresque vinyl top and matching satin gold aluminum bar arcoss the bottom. The same matte black vinyl lines the letter trays. The all-aluminum pen set has an envelope stand and various caddies for paper clips, notepad, pens, etc. All of the accessories are heavy and sturdy…the pen set alone weighs about six pounds and the completely solid aluminum name plate could easily double as an improvised weapon. The set was crafted with pride in Los Angeles, California, where Matel continues to manufacture ultra-high quality and highly stylish desk accessories. Here are some more photos of the individual pieces…

mid-century modern desk set

mid-century modern desk setmid-century modern desk setThough it was manufactured around 1985, the design and materials have the distinctive space age look of a 1970’s mid-century modern desk set.


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