mid-century bathroom sink faucet


This sleek, single handle mid-century bathroom sink faucet adds a fine touch of authenticity to your retro bathroom renovation. It is an early Moen M4600 model, utilizing the same innovative single-handle technology used by the manufacturer since they first engineered it around 1960-1961. mid-century bathroom sink faucet

You have probably used a Moen M4600 on numerous occasions and never knew it…most likely used a unit manufactured from the 1970’s on, which have those clear plastic faceted crystal ball knobs. This model has a modern industrial / commercial style handle lever, with basic instructions for use stamped into the surface of the polished chrome. mid-century bathroom sink faucet

moenfaucet3 It has the original brass cartridge (later models used a cheaper plastic cartridge), and is an unused, new old stock unit. It is a slightly newer version of one installed on this 1959 blue bathroom sink. Most mid-century bathroom sink faucets found on eBay will be used, but can be easily restored with replacement parts and washers from your local hardware store.

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