Honeywell Tap Lite light switch

Honeywell Tap Lite Vintage Light Switch

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The¬†Honeywell Tap Lite is a quintessential Mid-Century Modern light switch found in many homes of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It’s a genuine Atomic Era push-button light switch from 1956 that was designed to make you feel like you were living in a spaceship…or at very least a modern home on the cutting-edge of tomorrow. Old stock Honeywell Tap Lites let you enjoy the latest in modern 1950’s technology while showing your personal style, because the Honeywell Tap Lite originally included four different switch plate cover designs! It has a transparent acrylic cover that pops off, allowing you to insert one of the mind-blowing retro ’50s designs included in the package. Honeywell Tap Lite light switchThere are two pre-cut and pre-folded inserts, each is double-sided, making a total of four quintessential designs, including two awesome Atomic patterns, a simple silver-gray solid color, and a colorful, attention-grabbing happy clown face, whose nose becomes the ivory domed push button. A true conversation piece! Honeywell Tap Lite light switch

Honeywell Tap Lite light switchOf course, if you ever get tired of these, you can use your own wallpaper, fabric, original artwork, photographs, etc. Just use the included cardboard template to cut your own decorative cover insert! Honeywell also manufactured a double-pole Tap Lite with two push buttons instead of the single one. Honeywell sold the license to Tap-Lite Inc around 1960, who subsequently went bankrupt. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult these days to find these Tap Lites for sale, but lots and sets do show up on eBay now and then. It isn’t too hard to find them sold in singles or pairs, and they are fun to just put up in a room for a special bit of flair. We found this unit new and complete in its original packaging. The installation instructions were printed on the package, and the Honeywell Tap Lite was designed for easy swapping out of an existing switch.Honeywell Tap Lite light switch

2 thoughts on “Honeywell Tap Lite Vintage Light Switch”

  1. I have these tap lite switches in my home and I would like to buy more. could tell me where to buy them from.
    looking forward to any kind of answer! thank you cynthia b.

    1. Hi! eBay is a good place to find tap lite switches. Check the upper left corner of this page to see if there are any on eBay right now (there are usually at least a couple for sale at any given time). They are not common, and many sellers who list used ones on eBay don’t even know what they are. It may take you a few weeks to collect a larger amount, but sometimes a large lot of switches will show up at auction. Thanks very much for the message and thanks for visiting our site!

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