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mid-century modern desk set

Mid-Century Modern Desk Set

A complete gold anodized aluminum mid-century modern desk set. This stylish and incredibly well-built vintage office desk set was actually manufactured in the mid-1980’s by Matel Manufacturing, Inc. who are still around today manufacturing commercial-grade office products (and in no way related to the Mattel with two L’s). The set includes a desk blotter pad, a double-tier letter tray, a pen tray set, and name plate bar. The tray, pen set, and name plate are all made of brushed aluminum alloy and finished in an anodized satin gold tone. The blotter has a leatheresque vinyl top and matching satin gold aluminum bar arcoss the bottom. The same matte black vinyl lines the letter trays. The all-aluminum pen set has an envelope stand and various caddies for paper clips, notepad, pens, etc. All of the accessories are heavy and sturdy…the pen set alone weighs about six pounds and the completely solid aluminum name plate could easily double as an improvised weapon. The set was crafted with pride in Los Angeles, California, where Matel continues to manufacture ultra-high quality and highly stylish desk accessories. Here are some more photos of the individual pieces… read more

Vintage Shag Rugs

A vintage shag rug ranks high among home decor items as a universally recognized symbol of cutting-edge 1960’s and 1970’s interior design . Here are some of our Ege Rya shag rugs. As prolific as the shag rug trend was, they are not so easy to come by these days. Vintage shag rugs can still be found on the internet (sometimes in surprisingly excellent condition). This particular vintage shag rug is an Ege Rya rug, measuring 6 feet x 8.5 feet. It has a classic retro color scheme of orange, yellow, red and brown. The dyed wool strands are laid out in an abstract pattern that is hard to define and easy on the eyes. There are no big polka dots or flowers, just tasteful lines, stripes, and scalloped borders laid out in a non-linear fashion. The rug was definitely used, and there are some threadbare spots and areas missing their shag strings. Fortunately, the colors are still bold and bright, and the worn spots really don’t detract from the striking visual impact this vintage shag rug will bring to any room. read more

Russell Woodard Sculptura Chair

Russell Woodard Sculptura Chair

The Russell Woodard Sculptura chair is a quintessential example of iconic mid-century modern design. This is our Russell Woodard Sculptura patio chair with wrought iron basket weave construction and signature button feet. It’s a single chair from a long-lost patio set, but it’s still in excellent structural shape and looks great on the patio or in the corner of the living room. It also makes an excellent desk chair. As a matter of fact, most Sculptura patio chairs are typically found indoors these days. And why not, they are genuine works of art that add an ultra-modern touch to any room. read more


Mid-Century Andirons

Mid-Century andirons are a fabulous functional addition to your fireplace. Like jewelry for your hearth, these vintage fireplace grates let you show some retro personality in a space typically dedicated to objects of function over form. Mid-Century andirons offer both form and function to a sometimes drab fireplace. They were made in a wide variety of styles, from Minimalism to Brutalism, to rustic Spanish Mission Revival, to opulent Hollywood Regency…looks for every mood. read more