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This Ceil Heat vintage electric heater is an in-wall flush-mount type heater with an attractive retro chrome grill panel cover and an orange glowing ceramic element. This Ceil Heat panel heater was made in Knoxville, Tennessee and is complete with steel mounting box. A simple black bakelite knob turns the heat on and up, and the heater runs on standard 110v household power. This Ceil Heat was used, but it has been tested and thoroughly cleaned. It is designed to be hard-wired when installed into the wall, but we connected a standard plug to the existing wiring and it worked perfectly. The chrome is in nice and shiny condition with no rust or dents. There are some tiny pitting specks in the chrome, as well as some minor scuffs from normal use and cleaning, but they do not detract from the overall appearance. The panel measures 19 inches x 11 inches, back panel cover measures 17.25 inches x 8.25 inches x 4 inches (which will be the size of the cutout hole needed in your wall to mount this heater.

In-Wall Electric Heaters

Older mid-century homes often had in-wall electric heaters installed in their bathrooms and other smaller spaces. Unfortunately, original heaters can “burn out” from overused heating elements and transformers (that is, of course, if they weren’t already removed entirely during a HVAC renovation). However, working vintage in-wall heaters are affordable and easy to replace or install. In-wall electric heaters still make economical and aesthetic sense, too, even if you have central heating in the home. They typically have classic retro styles, featuring chrome or polished aluminum grills and glowing heating elements. They are also perfect if you just need a little warmth in the bathroom on a cool morning without having to heat the entire home. Here are a few examples of some vintage in-wall electric heaters we have rescued and restored over the years. read more