vintage colored toilet paper

Colored Toilet Paper

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This unopened package of Kleenex Boutique Tissues vintage colored toilet paper has a trademark date of 1972 and contains two rolls of quintessentially retro avocado green toilet tissue. Kleenex also made “soft ‘n spirited” Boutique Tissues in pink, blue, and yellow, and they dyed their facial tissues, too. “An exotic offer” of miniature bonsai trees by mail is printed on the side of this particular package…

vintage colored toilet paper

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of your “vigorous prepotted beauties”! The large rolls contain 500 2-ply sheets each. Colored toilet paper is an unbelievably rare find. We found a large stash of these a couple of years ago, but were only able to salvage three packages, as the rest had been damaged by moisture and poor storage. This is likely the case for most remaining colored toilet paper still out there. They make a great decorative item for your retro bathroom, but you may be wondering why nobody makes this stuff anymore. Well, back in 1987 the dyes used in colored toilet paper were banned by the FDA. They were concerned about carcinogens in the dyes getting into the water supply…who would have thought something so delicate and pretty would be so dangerous. A small number of people were allergic to the dyes, but the environment was the major concern when it came to outlawing colored toilet paper. There are new healthier dyes now, and some small specialty manufacturers are producing colored or printed toilet paper, but the big companies decided decades ago that it simply wasn’t cost-effective to produce an aesthetically pleasing product while keeping retail prices competitive.

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