boomerang cabinet pulls

Boomerang Cabinet Pulls

boomerang cabinet pullsThese mid-century modern boomerang cabinet pulls are made of solid cast aluminum and finished in an anodized copper metallic finish.¬† These are heavy, cold and substantially-cast pulls that have a quality feel and will be a pleasure to use in the kitchen or bathroom. Their retro metallic copper color is an excellent complement to many ceiling¬† light fixtures of the 1950’s and 1960’s with the same copper-like finish.

boomerang cabinet pull handlesWe are in possession of a large box of these vintage boomerang cabinet pulls / drawer handles. They are never-installed new old stock hardware from the unsold inventory of an old hardware store that closed in the early 1970’s.

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In addition to kitchen and bath renovation, they will also make excellent replacement drawer or cabinet hardware for a furniture refinishing project, adding an eye-catching touch of mid-century authenticity to that old sideboard or dresser you’ve been thinking about restoring. These boomerang cabinet pulls measure 3.75 inches in total length and have a 2.75-inch span from the centers of the mounting holes.boomerang drawer hardware

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