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vintage blue bathroom sink

Gerber Blue Bathroom Sink

[phpbaysidebar title=”Vintage Blue Bathroom Sinks” keywords=”Vintage Blue Bathroom Sink” num=”10″ siteid=”1″ sort=”BestMatch” minprice=”90″ maxprice=”400″ id=”2″] This vintage Gerber blue bathroom sink has a manufacture date of January 12, 1959 and was found with an early Moen brand single handle faucet. Made of vitreous porcelain ceramic finished in Gerber’s iconic Dawn Blue glaze, this blue bathroom sink has classic mid-century style, complete with angled corners and mounting holes underneath for attaching optional chrome towel bars. Soap dishes are molded in the right and left ledges, and there is room enough on the shelf for basic toiletries. It mounts to the wall and is designed to use bathroom sink leg supports on the front. read more

kohler mid-century bathroom sink

Kohler Mid-Century Bathroom Sink

This classic Kohler Mid-Century bathroom sink has angled corners and looks like it was designed for tighter spaces. It is an 18-inch x 20-inch model, and has a date stamp of July, 1964. This ultra heavy duty commercial grade cast iron sink has a “glass-like vitreous china” finish and appears to be a Kohler “Chesapeake” model ledge lavatory. However, this one has clean smoothed edges as opposed to a raised border wrapping around the front of the Chesapeake. This particular Kohler wall sink is a “leg support model”, requiring two bathroom sink leg supports under the front end for proper and safe installation. Leg support sinks can be identified by a lack of a rear back panel and mounting holes, and there should be two small tabs molded into the cast iron underneath the sink to hold the leg mounts. We found this sink stuck in the mud in the woods outside a residence. It had been there for decades. The exterior was cleaned with simple Comet cleanser, and there were only a couple of small rusty orange spots that need extra attention. Much of the flaky and pitted rust underneath has been removed with elbow grease and a bag of steel wool pads. There is one noticeable chip in the upper right top corner and one very small chip in the lower left bottom edge, as well as some minor scuffing and haziness around the lower back of the bowl area from years of normal use and cleaning. read more

vintage bathroom sink legs

Bathroom Sink Leg Supports

[phpbaysidebar title=”Bathroom Sink Leg Supports” keywords=”bathroom chrome legs” num=”10″ siteid=”1″ category=”20081″ sort=”BestMatch” id=”2″]  This pair of 1950s mid-century chrome bathroom sink leg supports is designed to support classic cast iron wall-mount lavatory sinks. The heavy-duty pair of Sears Homart brand lavatory legs pictured above were found in a basement complete and in excellent condition with their original box. Here’s the copy from the original label on the box: read more