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Mid-century modern toilet paper holders

Mid-Century Toilet Paper Holders

Mid-Century toilet paper holders add that little touch of detail to your vintage bathroom decor, bringing an unexpected dash of flair to a typically bland utilitarian device. Check out this totally fab ceramic / porcelain mid-century toilet paper holder we came across. The one piece molded bathroom accessory has smooth swooping lines and is glazed in a bright and cheery green that's surprisingly contemporary. The high-gloss finish and heavy-duty construction gives that ordinary roll of bath tissue a happy home to reside in.  The glaze color is more of an apple green, as opposed to the more common avocado shade typically seen in 1970s fixtures. The toilet paper holder measures 6 inches x 4.25 inches x 3.25 inches. It was never used and still had the original plastic roll bar and flush mount plate intact. It can be installed on any flat surface and holds up to a standard modern double roll. Sorry, we don't know the manufacturer. Need something authentic to place in that mid-century toilet paper holder? Click here to read about vintage colored toilet paper rolls!

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vintage colored toilet paper

Colored Toilet Paper

This unopened package of Kleenex Boutique Tissues vintage colored toilet paper has a trademark date of 1972 and contains two rolls of quintessentially retro avocado green toilet tissue. Kleenex also made "soft 'n spirited" Boutique Tissues in pink, blue, and yellow, and they dyed their facial tissues, too. "An exotic offer" of miniature bonsai trees by mail is printed on the side of this particular package...

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